The Rooms

Charleston’s best live action adventure escape rooms are inspired by the “hidden history” of Charleston, SC.

Dr. Trott’s Apothecary
For four straight days in June 1867, a dark storm plagued the City of Charleston. Heavy winds and rain pounded the coast, houses were unroofed, and trees pulled up by their roots. Local newspapers reported that it was the heaviest rainfall in 50 years.

As the storm battered the city, hundreds of angry residents gathered outside the Apothecary of Dr. William G. Trott to demand one thing: an end to the storm. Dr. Trott was known to be fascinated by the sea and rumor had spread that he had captured a mermaid that washed ashore and was holding her captive to display among the other oddities in his shop. Residents believed that this was what had brought such a devastating storm to the city – and unless the mermaid was released, the storm would sink Charleston into the ocean.

Your mission is to enter Dr. Trott’s Apothecary while he is out, search for the mermaid, and, if she indeed exists, release her to end the storm. But hurry, the crowd outside is getting very restless and Dr. Trott will return soon – and who knows what will be in store for the trespassers.

Lavinia Fisher’s Boarding House
It’s 1818 in North Charleston – and you and your friends have stopped at the Six Mile Wayfarer House after a long day of traveling. You’re on the way to Charleston to conduct important business, but the sun has set and your horses are tired. You can finish your journey in the morning, after a good night’s rest.

The boarding house is run by a cheery woman named Lavinia Fisher, who welcomes you into her home and offers you a cup of tea. Weary from so much traveling, you gladly accept. After settling into your attic bedroom, you realize that you once heard a legend about some travelers disappearing without a trace on the way to Charleston. What could have happened to them? Oddly, you notice a few personal items in the bedroom that look like they could have belonged to other travelers.

You begin to feel overwhelmingly sleepy and strange thoughts creep in your head. Who do these personal items belong to and what happened to their owners? Why can’t you keep your eyes open – could there have been poison in the tea?

Your mission is to search your bedroom for an antidote before you succumb to the poisoned tea and become yet another victim of the murderous Lavinia Fisher, now known as the country’s first female serial killer.

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Vincent Chicco’s Speakeasy

Despite, its nickname “the Holy City”, Charleston has a less than holy history, including its connection with alcohol – from the early days of piracy and the rum trade, to its storied heritage of bootlegging and speakeasies. Restrictions on liquor sales in SC actually began several decades before national prohibition would go into effect.

Local resident Vincent Chicco had a long history of defying liquor restrictions and was the owner of several speakeasies (or “blind tigers” as they were often known). Chicco’s arrests and legal issues turned him into a working-class hero of sorts. He was dubbed by the people of Charleston as the “King of the Blind Tigers.”

It’s 1903 in downtown Charleston and Vincent Chicco has been detained by the state authorities yet again. The police are on their way to raid his speakeasy and office and will be there in an hour. You have been tipped off to the impending raid and are determined to help the King of the Blind Tigers. Your mission is to scour Chicco’s Speakeasy in order to locate and hide any incriminating evidence before the police arrive. Can you save Charleston’s local hero in time or will his Blind Tigers be shuttered forever?