The Game

Charleston’s best live action escape adventure inspired by the “hidden history” of Charleston, SC.

Vincent Chicco’s Speakeasy

Welcome to Charleston’s first outdoor escape room! During Prohibition Vincent Chicco was known as the King of the Blind Tigers, helping Charlestonians get their booze when it was against the law. Blind Tigers were establishments that would illegally sell alcohol to customers when presented with a special coin letting the proprietor know you weren’t with law enforcement. Luckily, we can drink again but there are a few of these coins still floating around Charleston and they’re worth a pretty penny. Your mission is to meet “The Fence” to acquire your tools to help you find all 4 coins and deliver them to the buyer before they have to catch their flight out of the country. Along the way you’ll meet a cast of “characters” that will help you move forward in the game and even have the opportunity to stop for drinks while solving puzzles.

**Note: This is a walking adventure that requires players to move throughout the city’s streets that are sometimes uneven and bumpy. Take care to wear proper shoes for the 1.8 mile journey. Most stops are handicap accessible or can be modified.

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